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“As a company, we are committed to building internal capacity and SISU partnered with us to build a critical skill set for key employees so they in turn could teach others.  After Mike worked with our people, we were able to send our employees back to their respective plants to successfully teach other individuals. Mike’s enthusiasm energized and motivated our people and he was knowledgeable, entertaining and insightful.  Not many consultants are willing to support a company to do this kind of work and we are grateful for Mike’s impact on the success of our employees and lean implementation.”

– Elizabeth King, Director of Organizational Development, ESCO Corp.

“Mike is intense and his past success and business experience lend confidence and excitement to his sessions.  As opposed to other companies that merely come in and present training classes, SISU ensures clients are addressing actual business needs, refines learning needs down to their simplest form and identifies critical indicators of success.  Each participant is held accountable to learn and apply the information taught and Mike gives individual attention to each person to identify their strengths, overcome personal obstacles and taste success.  Once the word gets out that Mike is leading a session, people are clamoring to get into the class.”

– Allison Barlow, Director of Corporate Development, OC Tanner

“Mike leads by example.  His experience being in the trenches leading lean transformations allows him to have open and honest communication at the CEO level as well as on the shop floor.  He does whatever is necessary to help his clients achieve their goals and when its time to get results, engages the workforce and lets his actions do the talking.  Mike always comes prepared with proven methods and a plan of action and his great personality make it a seamless transition from setting business objectives to getting traction for individual teams.  Regardless of the industry or size of organization, I would highly recommend Mike and his team to anyone who wants to get results.”

– Wesley Bare, Boeing Commercial Airlines Group, The Boeing Company

“SISU understands the importance of engaging people and we value the collaborative partnership we have with Mike and his team.  Mike brings a wealth of experience to the table and has the rare ability to adapt to any situation at hand and use a down-to-earth, simple approach to engage the team and keep everyone focused on results.  He has a gift for using his sense of humor to bring out the best in people and to create a respectful, but challenging environment.  After working with Mike, our clients have seen a whole new level of employee engagement, operational efficiency, and bottom line financial results.”

– Bonnie Starkey, Corporate Training Manager, Portland Community College

“Mike’s combination of passion, energy, knowledge and personalized attention matches perfectly with our culture.  He is excellent at motivating people and his commitment to helping our leadership team accomplish its goals was truly unique.  Mike led us through the process of launching a new continuous improvement model and made sure that our group gained a deep seated understanding of lean concepts and tools during the implementation.  I am confident that my key leaders now have the skills to transform our business to a higher level of success on our lean journey.”

– Chester Zelaya, Plant General Manager, Baxter Cartago – Costa Rica

“Mike is a motivational speaker that understands the reality of our environment.  His approach to real issues that come up and how to deal with them is what makes him different.  He talks plain and tells it like it is.  Companies don’t invest money in ideas, they invest money in ideas that return actual dollars.  Mike taught us valuable improvement techniques and how to implement them ourselves.  We continue to see results from the work he did with us.”

– Thomas Pritchard, Quality Manager, HEB, Inc.

“Working with SISU Consulting Group is the next logical step for anyone who is serious about developing as a leader and building a truly world class business.  Mike’s innate ability to apply his knowledge and experience to any business and create real tangible results (like increase in productivity of 97% in two days) is what sets him apart.  Mike has been the single most significant catalyst for change and development for me personally and for the business since we started.  Bottom line is that I can’t begin to calculate the true ROI because I don’t think I can begin to truly understand the real impact his consulting will have on this company – it is just that big.”

– John Stepleton, Founder & CEO, Research Data Design

“Mike delivered tangible systems and procedures, which increased our gross profit margins by 60%.  He handed me a new business with direction and purpose.”

– Craig Wilmes, Found and Owner, Metal Innovations, Inc.

“Mike does more than provide suggestions for improvement; he puts the processes in place.  His job is not done until you see the measurable results.”

– Bryan Justrom, CPA, Partner, Young & Justrom, LLC

“Mike served as the lead consultant to the Business Transitions companies and was instrumental in overhauling and redeveloping the companies’ internal operations and marketing programs.  Mike and his team guided our group of companies into the largest financial services succession planning company in the nation.”

– David Grau, Founder and President, Business Transitions

“Mike is a good company steward and is accomplished in raising the value of a company in the eyes of its shareholders and creditors.  Responsive, knowledgeable, hardworking and high in integrity, Mike succeeded in giving new life and a second chance of prosperity to a 33-year old company.”

– Rich Foley, Senior Vice President, Umpqua Bank

“Mike Martyn is an accomplished operational consultant and business coach.  He does so many things well in this field.  But his area of perfection is the ability to see and recognize patterns of disability, and to be able to quickly assess the business benefit that is falling casualty to them.  Mike has the uncanny capacity to keep his eye on the outcome, on the vision, while still dealing with the day-to-day operations.  Not just dealing with them but being able to pinpoint cause.  He seems to have a laminated card in his back pocket of the five of fifty ways in which a business can fail.  He knows these ways and the excuses that keep them alive and virulent in an organization.”

– Gwendolyn Galsworth, Founder and President, Quality Methods International

“We had a real challenge on our hands trying to turnaround a company that suffered from lack of capital, outdated technology, poor management, and a struggling economy.  If Mike can fix this situation, he can fix anything.  Wish we’d hired him 10 years ago.  His energy is infectious and his direction is clear.  All you have to do is listen.”

– Milo Chapman, Founder and President, Dura-Craft Industries

“Mike was brought in to help turnaround three different companies I have dealt with in my capacity as a commercial loan officer.  Mike dug into each company to determine where the profit points were and refocused each company’s attention to the bottom-line.  Mike not only refocused each company in terms of looking at the bottom-line and the top-line, but also provided tremendous support in streamlining jobs and increasing efficiencies.  Along with increasing each of the company’s productive capabilities and overall profitability, Mike improved lender and investor relations, assisted in the sale of one of the companies, and has been effective in negotiating high level deals.  Mike has done well for each of the companies I have seen him work with, and all three have been better off after his help.”

– Greg Oakes, Vice President and Commercial Lender

“Mike has a unrelenting commitment to results and motivates teams to improve by finding opportunities for each team member to apply their strengths to achieve bottom line financial savings.  The approached each one of our problems with a custom built solution and continually drove right behaviors to create a culture of creative problem solving.  In addition to providing a full top to bottom organizational assessment and tactical gap analysis and implementation plan, he also provided 1 on 1 leadership coaching to key members of our executive team.  In our first six months after working with Mike our throughput increased 1100% and the team feels pride in the results because they were part of the solution.”

– Jessie Nino, Integrated Product Team Lead & Raytheon Six Sigma Expert, Raytheon Corporation

“After working with Mike our company has experienced remarkable success through out the organization, margins are up, customer waiting time has improved, overall the organization and the team are functioning at a higher capacity.  We have attended many training sessions, tried many new approaches and nothing stuck until working with Mike.  Our culture has literally changing.  Mike has such a practical approach to breaking things down so everyone goes away with a deeper understanding.  His educational techniques bring out the best in everyone.  He speaks with such credibility based on his background and authority and challenges the team.  He is direct and professional in his approach, it encourages total engagement from everyone.  It’s comfortable and non threatening so you’re not afraid to address your problems, the hierarchy literally gets stripped away.   We responded really well to that approach.  Mike challenged our team to think like never before and he gave us knowledge and tools for long lasting results.  I hate to think what would have happened to our company during this economic downturn had we not engaged Mike for help when we did.”

– Daralyn Proctor, COO, La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries


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