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SISU Consulting Group specializes in increasing stakeholder value through the development of lean leaders at each level of the organization.  By inspring groups to expand their vision of what is possible, we engage teams through principle-based action and show organizations how to build sustainable team-based daily problem solving cultures.

SISU works with each of its clients to build a closed loop integrated management system and significantly improve bottom-line results through the development of its most valuable asset, its people.  Regardless of our client’s goals and challenges, we stand beside them in the trenches; showing them how to eliminate the fear of change, take ownership of their gaps, and create breakthrough results through daily action.

At SISU, we work with leadership to create alignment across people and processes using a “learn-do-improve” methodology.  It is our belief that there is no “one right way” to engage people and drive change across an organization.  There are however, foundational principles we embed in our proprietary approach that allow us to design and implement management systems which reinforce action, accountability and innovation.

It’s a common sense approach: create an inspiring vision of the organization you want to become and the culture you need to create. Translate this vision into clear expectations for results and behaviors so every single employee understands what it means to win or lose and how they can potentially and positively affect the bottom line. Build a daily management system that allows you to see how you are progressing toward your goals in real time and enables each team member to leverage their energy and creativity to drive the organization toward its goals. Finally, engage leaders in the role of coaches, where the need to remove roadblocks and develop people is determined by the gaps exposed in our performance.

As a means to this end, SISU assist clients with a wide variety of services from the creation of customized leadership develop programs to leading organizational lean transformations.  Each of our implementations is guided by the belief that our role is to empower people to become independent risk takers and leverage their abilities to solve problems and think creatively about their daily work.  The following are a few of the services we provide:

Fig. 1 OTG Complete model

Lean Transformations – driven by the core values of continuous improvement and respect for people, our approach to daily kaizen focuses on the development of leaders at each level of the organization and designing a daily management system that embeds world class principles of accountability, collaboration and daily team-based problem solving.  Utilizing our proprietary model detailed in Own the Gap, SISU works from the outside in, starting with the goal of creating an environment where doing the work and improving the work is a seamless process without beginning or end.  At the heart of the model are the 4-Key Systems which together create an environment for the culture of daily kaizen to live and thrive.  The result of our work is a culture of continuous improvement where people are both inspired and challenged to push themselves and the process to ever increasing levels of performance.


Coaching Camp – at the heart of a leader’s role in developing a culture of continuous improvement is to coach and develop their people.  Often overlooked however, is the role management systems play in driving behavior and creating opportunities for leaders to connect and engage their people on a daily basis.  Leveraging the latest research in neuroscience and the art of creating intrinsic motivation, SISU created a coaching camp where team leaders, managers and executives learn the principle of world-class coaching systems in a learn-by-doing format.  In addition to learning the principles of engaging people, the camp shows leaders how to design principle-based management systems which create an environment of team-base problem solving and daily kaizen.


Learning Tours – customized to each of our client’s goals and objectives, SISU develops and hosts world-class learning tours that allow leadership teams to experience best practices in an environment that encourages open sharing, structured learning, and team development.  These tours take place throughout North America and are build to allow participants to see how a wide variety of organizations across all industries are implementing the Four-Key Systems to achieve operational excellence.  In each tour, participants interact with the principles of operational excellence in real time and spend time with leaders at the host companies, learning the key milestones in a successful transformation as well as the next steps to take in designing a custom daily management system for your organization.  Finally, in addition to visiting the host sites, participants gain extensive knowledge from the networking opportunities with other members of the tour.


Executive Coaching – offered in connection with each of the lean transformations we lead, SISU coaches leaders at each level of the organization on weekly, bi-weekly or month basis depending upon the engagement and level of leader. One-on-One coaching has become a hallmark of our approach and key to the significant business results we help companies achieve.  Each session is set at a regular time, thereby ensuring that rhythmic reflection and learning are at the center of each leader’s development.  Our program is customized based on organizational goals, and each session contains a review of performance (results and behaviors), learning tied to the transformation and an assessment of progress toward daily kaizen development.


One response to “My Company

  1. Landen Garner

    Hello there Mike –

    Thank you for the opportunity to help out with your latest tour group at US Synthetic. I look forward to those moments to highlight the good that we are doing in our LEAN journey and shed some hope and light to those people visiting.

    I appreciate all the Portland Oregon goodies you so graciously sent me and look forward to our next visit.


    Landen Garner
    Team Lead
    US Synthetic

    P.S. Go Anaheim Angels

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